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Learn, Improve and Win!

03 July 2014 Written by:
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In today’s business world, knowledge is the single most important competitive advantage for professionals. Growing organizations usually have two major expectations from their employees - firstly, the understanding of organizational business, working practices and the industry, and secondly, ability of handling changing business environment and challenges successfully.

Professionals usually gain knowledge about organizational business, domain, industry and working practices while working with the organization or industry. However it is very difficult to gain good knowledge and ability about the best practices for handling business challenges and changes only with the experience.

When disaster strikes . . .

03 April 2013 Written by:
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Disasters tend to follow "Murphy’s Law". They tend to occur when you least expect it or are least prepared for it. There is no such thing as a "right time" for a disaster. But what exactly is a disaster? A disaster is an event that threatens the very viability and survival of your business and causes substantial interruption requiring prompt management attention. Disasters come in many types and forms. You can classify them simply as natural or manmade. Natural disasters include floods, storms, earthquake and others. While man-made disasters can be classified as fire/explosion, products and service brand protection, internal and external. Many events that are internal to a business may result in an adverse impact. These events range from computer system failures, loss of utilities, failures of critical processes and equipment to work place violence. Disasters of external origins include many threats, such as supplier chain disruptions, terrorism and others.

Organizations strive to achieve efficiency and predictable outcome while targeting business goals. As business grows, organizations need to change to adapt to new circumstances. Organizations may choose to experiment with different ways of working to see which suits best. But this approach is inefficient and may lead to inappropriate decisions. A far more effective way of making changes is to look at how successful businesses operate and to introduce their ways of working into business.

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