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Information Security Management System

01 August 2015 Written by:
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What makes your business case strong to implement information security management system?

The biggest challenge which IT Managers worldwide are facing today is how they can successfully convince their management & employees that information security is actually an “issue” and should be viewed seriously to avoid complexities and unwanted consequences in the future. Although the sensitivity & awareness towards information security has grown over the past years but it is still remains a difficult challenge to actually “sell” information security first to the management and then to the staff.

Even if you have ever tried to sell this idea, you must have faced tough questions like how much does it cost? How much time will it consume to have a proper information security management system in place? What will be return on investment in case we decide to implement the system? Etc. Many of you may have faced a situation where your management may have turned down your business case just because the implementation cost is too high and too complicated. However the management cannot be actually blamed for taking such a decision as their ultimate responsibility is profitability of the business and eventually they need to strike the right balance between investment & benefit.

Information Security Training

01 August 2015 Written by:
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How to make your Information Security Training Program Effective?

Most of the people wonder what is the best way to implement information security into an organization which can ensure a swift and radical change management at the same time; core technical tools, a SharePoint portal, a website, a lecture by the top management, or recognition during the annual appraisals? The answer is may be YES but these are only some tools but not the whole of the required solution. As a matter of fact, most of the organizations fail to effectively and successfully roll out an information security program just because all stakeholders are not on the same page and the implementation is not “well planned” and if it “does not speak the language of the audience”.

I hope you will agree that implementing a management system requires a lot of formal and informal efforts as every management system comes with its own set of requirements, policy level changes or changes in ways of doing something. In some of the cases, either the way of doing something in a traditional manner entirely changes (e.g access management) or something not considered to be very important now becomes a mandatory requirement by virtue of the standard e.g risk assessment. Hence it is important that all requirements of a management system are carefully understood, a proper training and awareness plan is designed and appropriate mediums are selected to ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page so that desired results can be successfully obtained and the organization may get its ROI as planned.

Project Management Training

01 August 2015 Written by:
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If we were to tell you that few years back the world as a whole spent nearly $10 trillion of its $40.7 trillion GDP - a near 25% - on projects wouldn’t it persuade you to look at project management differently?

Project Management has, over the last couple of decades evolved, in to a discipline of its own, much like Accounting, Finance, or Engineering and more and more organizations see projects as a means of achieving their strategic objectives. Bob Napier (late), the EVP and CIO of Hewlett Packard, once said, “… the language of the business today, which is not English, French, or Spanish, but Project Management …”. This statement highlights the fact that Project Management is playing a more important role in organizations.

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