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Ikram A. Khan is the Chief Executive and co-founder of Business Beam (Pvt.) Limited. In addition to his executive role, Ikram remains an active corporate advisor, writer, speaker, and workshop leader. He has successfully delivered 25+ consulting assignments and 180+ training sessions internationally. Ikram is an accredited trainer for ITIL, PRINCE2, ISO 27001 and PMP.
Effective Project Management is all about achieving goals and objectives successfully by careful planning and efficient management of resources. It isn’t just about sitting behind a desk only but involves systematic planning, negotiating, analyzing and if necessary intervening in the process.

This blog reviews the difference between the PMBOK Guide Fifth Edition and the recent Sixth Edition which was announced on 6th September 2017.

In order to keep up with the recent practices in project management, PMI seeks inputs from the industry practitioners and updates its Project Management Body of Knowledge every four years.

Benefits for Becoming a CGEIT

17 August 2017
Management and boards have long realized the need for corporate governance. As Information technology becomes important for achievement of Organizational goals and delivery of benefits, there has been an increasing understanding that governance must be extended to IT as well. IT governance has gradually become an integral part of enterprise governance and consists of leadership, organizational structures and processes ensuring sustenance of IT in the organization and its extension to organization strategies and objectives. The Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) program recognizes those who have the necessary level of professional knowledge, business experience and personal skills to maximize contribution by IT to an enterprise’s success meanwhile mitigating risks posed by IT.

Think of opening a word document or a PDF; Oops! you see a pop up of data encryption right on your screen! It is enough to give you a heart stroke if you have data worth a million US dollars right on the device that was infected with the malware called Ransomware. This nasty malicious software threatens to publish the confined data or perpetually block access to it until a ransom is paid. When a computer is infected, the ransomware contacts a central server for the information it requires for activation and later begins encrypting files on the infected computer with that information. Now once it is done encrypting all the files, it posts a message and asks for a payment to decrypt the files and threatens to destroy the data if the ransom is not paid.

In contemporary times, Organizations exhibit large dependency on IT services. From reaching out to more potential customers to streamlining operations, the benefits of informational technology are vast and indefinite. Take for example Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), the standard framework that has become an established entity within the IT service management field; if a company has improved processes causing it the most pain using ITIL best practices, it may realize sooner or later that the focus keeps shifting to things not considered important earlier. The ISO 20000 standard was conceived to full certain gaps and is modeled upon the principles of ITIL and offers IT organizations the possibility to become certified.

In simple words, business continuity can be termed as the act of taking responsibility for your business and preparing it for all the difficult situations in future. It is also about ‘keeping calm and carrying on”. Business continuity planning has also become an essential part of running any modern organization that takes its business and clients both seriously. Especially with so many business disasters looming that can befall an organization any minute, it will be quiet unwise not to prepare beforehand for all such catastrophes. Business Beam with its team of professionals has invested years in devising solutions that ensure an effective plan for proper business continuity management.

COBIT is a framework for IT governance and management created by ISACA. It is precisely a supportive tool for managers, which eliminates the gap between business risks, control requirements and technical issues.

A very basic concept of ITIL/ITSM program is the distinction between strategic IT governance and the tactical IT management. Before we start discussion over the topic, let us first differentiate between the two terms (management and Governance). Where former is concerned with the creation of operating decisions, the latter focuses on creation of a setting in which others can mange more effectively. Similarly IT service management is focused on operational excellence of IT functions and IT governance is concerned with facilitating strategic decisions. Let us now discuss in detail the roles of each and how IT service management in Dubai is affecting IT centric companies.

Globally, projects are considered as one of the important vehicles for achieving organizational strategy and growth objectives. Therefore, it is very essential for organizations to ensure smooth execution and successful results from projects. Every growing organization needs qualified project managers to deliver results.

PMP and PRINCE2 are the two leading and internationally well accepted qualifications of the project management world. Professionals, who want to make their careers in project management, are often confused about which qualification to go for. Therefore, we are presenting commonalities and differences between the two qualifications.
When it comes to learning, people have different opinions and preferences. Some believe in self-study whereas others are more comfortable in attending accredited training organizations (ATO’s).Not only is the atmosphere of learning different for each but so are the outcomes. In case of ITIL, the certification program leaves an open-ended choice for candidates. But the objective of this certification can only be achieved after taking proper training from an accredited institute as these training centers are more focused on collaborative learning and allow a deeper level of development.

The article focuses on identifying the benefits of training organizations that help individuals in mastering key concepts of this certification program. People who opt for self-study should know that the approach might help in passing the exam but shall add no value to overall career development. Whereas attending proper training sessions not only increase the success rate of passing the examination but also improve confidence in career. If a candidate has learnt the right concepts and has the required skills of execution, his organizational growth becomes definite. Self-study eliminates the most valuable benefit of an organization i.e. a trainer who serves as a mentor during the span of training and also a door to solutions and guidance after completion of the certification.
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