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Benefits for Becoming a CGEIT

17 August 2017 Written by:  
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Management and boards have long realized the need for corporate governance. As Information technology becomes important for achievement of Organizational goals and delivery of benefits, there has been an increasing understanding that governance must be extended to IT as well. IT governance has gradually become an integral part of enterprise governance and consists of leadership, organizational structures and processes ensuring sustenance of IT in the organization and its extension to organization strategies and objectives. The Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) program recognizes those who have the necessary level of professional knowledge, business experience and personal skills to maximize contribution by IT to an enterprise’s success meanwhile mitigating risks posed by IT.

Developed by the ISACA, the CGEIT qualification has been designed for experienced IT governance professionals who can demonstrate 5 or more years of experience in management or advisory role focused on governance and IT control in an enterprise. The biggest benefit of becoming a CGEIT is the international recognition of this program and also that it is consistently listed as one of the most sought-after and well-paying IT certifications. CGEIT is divided into six job practice areas namely:

  1. IT governance framework
  2. Value Delivery
  3. Strategic Alignment
  4. Risk Management
  5. Resource management
  6. Performance measurement
The benefits of this program are numerous but precisely the certification helps

  1. Support growing business demands related to IT governance
  2. Increase awareness of IT governance and good practices
  3. Define responsibilities of professionals performing IT governance work
  4. Increase earning potential along with career development
  5. Enhance credibility, influence and recognition
  6. Increase efficiency of organization’s IT and business systems meanwhile providing better value.
  7. Demonstrate knowledge and practical experience in field of enterprise and IT governance
Business Beam has just the right expertise and resources to equip you with the benefits of this qualification that can boost your career in no time. Our CGEIT exam preparation course is designed to ensure that you pass the challenging CGEIT exam in first attempt only. This course has been designed to maximize time effectiveness and is considerably much better than self-study that requires more time and commitment.

This course is a must attend for IT managers and directors wishing to improve career in IT governance and IT consultants looking forward to join the IT governance advisory board in larger organizations. So if you are looking forward to giving an edge to your career with this IT governance course contact us and get more details of this brilliant opportunity.

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