Software Process Improvement (SPI)

Improve your software processes to enhancethe performance of your enterprise

You must have considered increased customer satisfaction, productivity, quality, cost savings, and cycle time reduction before supplementing your business with different types of softwares and business applications. Achievement of these objectives however may seriously hamper if the business applications which you are using contain designing loop holes. Poorly designed software processes have negative consequences on the economic performance of an enterprise & often result in high cost of operations, inefficient use of resources and lost market opportunities. Lack of quality and reliability, poor customer satisfaction, and poor internal morale are the results of poorly designed processes. On the other hand, a well-designed software process has a positive effect on the bottom-line economic performance of a software enterprise which is often measured in terms of productivity and cost efficiency.

SPI is important because it is the primary means by which a new and improved software process is created. This is done in order to achieve significant economic benefits at the least possible costs. Business Beam provides following services in software process improvement:


CMMI Gap Analysis and Planning

CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) for Development is the de facto industry framework for software and hardware engineering internationally. The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University, USA, developed this framework with funding from US Department of Defense.

Business Beam offers detailed CMMI based assessment of your organization's current software engineering processes and practices. After assessment, we develop tailored and detailed improvement plan for your organization to close the identified gaps, overcome weaknesses, and lead towards processes maturity.

As a result, you get a thorough understanding about the current software engineering processes and practices in your organization, the weaker areas & opportunities for further improvement are identified while you also get a tailored improvement roadmap based on CMMI developed specifically for your organization.


CMMI Consultancy for Target Maturity Level or Capability Profile

Based on our significant consultancy experience and expertise in CMMI implementation and SCAMPI appraisals, we help your organization to prepare for, understand, and adopt CMMI, and make CMMI an important part of your organizational culture.

Instead of focusing only on CMMI, we focus on your organization and its processes improvement which in turn brings incremental and long-lasting changes leading towards the achievement of CMMI levels. Our unique way of "adopting" CMMI brings stable results more quickly.

As a result you get improved and tailored processes according to your specific requirements, business model and team structure, lower cost of operations, lesser rework and improved turnaround time, improved employee morale and lesser employee turnover.


SEI Authorized CMMI SCAMPI Appraisals

As SEI Partner for CMMI, Business Beam offers SEI Authorized CMMI SCAMPI Appraisals, leading to your target Maturity Level or Capability Profile.

It gives you international recognition and enhanced acceptability in global as well as local markets, the chances of new and repeat business increase for you while you also get improved internal confidence on your operations and software delivery.


Establishing Process Asset Library Framework for CMMI

Process Asset Library (PAL) is a repository of approved process assets for software engineering. It is designed so that assets can be readily accessed and used by anyone who manages, develops, tests, or assures software products or processes.

Business Beam offers establishment of Process Asset Library (PAL) framework for CMMI at your organization that effectively maintains the integrity of the project and organizational defined processes, including the architecture, hierarchy and traceability of each process back to its source.

It helps to achieve streamlined and up to date processes across the organization, single point of access for organization wide documentation & ease of accessibility of the latest documentation for your relevant functions.


Establishing Software Quality Assurance Function

SQA objectively evaluates products and services against the applicable processes and standards. It identifies issues, documents them, discovers their root causes, and ensures their timely resolution.

Business Beam offers setting up Software Quality Assurance (SQA) in your organization that effectively ensures the quality of delivering products and services throughout the project lifecycle, and enhances the overall confidence.

By establishing a software quality assurance with our help, you get reduced defects, improved quality of deliverables, higher customer satisfaction, operational and effective SQA function with tailored procedures, roles and responsibilities. We also provide trainings and awareness for SQA Engineers, testers, & other related functions which ultimately supplement your assurance function.


Establishing Configuration Management Function

Software Configuration Management establishes and maintains the integrity of work products using configuration identification, configuration control, configuration status accounting, and configuration audits.

We offer establishment of Software Configuration Management function at your organization that effectively maintains the integrity of the products of software projects throughout the projects’ lifecycle.

It helps to improve your customer satisfaction and turnaround time while the amount of rework also reduces to a great extent. By having this operational and effective Configuration Management function, you also get tailored procedures, roles and responsibilities while our training program throughout the project engagement helps your teams to achieve the desired level of understanding and outcomes.
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