IT Services

Let IT be your key business enabler and differentiator

The alignment of IT with strategic business objectives and its capability to provide streamline services to the business users are increasingly becoming serious challenges for IT functions within the organizations. At one end IT has to ensure that its services are meeting all business requirements while on the other, it has an additional responsibility to provide assurance that its operations are taking place in a secure & controlled environment as well. Hence the complexity in delivering high quality results to internal and external customers is highly demanding.

Our services portfolio includes:

IT Governance

Establish an IT governance framework to drive your IT in line with your corporate strategies, to benchmark the performance and enhance the role of IT in your business

IT Service Management

Business Beam helps organizations in effectively implementing ITSMS and optimizing their IT services to satisfy business requirements as well as strategically managing the IT infrastructure.

IT Security

A compromise on the security of your IT components may result in serious consequences of your business. Let Business Beam help you to optimize your IT security measures

IT Continuity Management

Ensure the continuity of IT and IT services by assessing the impact against threats, identification and management of risks, and developing effective ICT Continuity plans

Software Process Improvement

Business Beam SPI services help you to ensure that your software processes are free from loop holes so that you can avoid all negative consequences on the economic performance of your enterprise.
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