Health, Environment and Safety

Align your organizational practices with the internationally accepted standards of HSE

The employees of an organization are often prone to various types of physical, mechanical, biological, chemical, psychological and social hazards which directly affect their productivity and results in increased costs for the management as well. These hazards become even more significant for manufacturing concerns. Different types of hazards leave serious moral, legal, and financial implications for the work force as well as for the organizations as a whole and hence there is a growing realization of implementing standards which can help organizations in fostering a safe and healthy work environment at their work place.

Business Beam helps organizations to establish, implement, maintain and monitor Health, Environment and Safety standards through OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 with its following services:


HSE Assessment and Planning

Business Beam offers HSE assessment and planning to identify the current state of health, safety and environment related hazards &aspects in your organization. This includes the review of the current administrative tools and arrangements, the history of mishaps, existing policies and procedures in place related to HSE, general awareness level of staff towards different kinds of hazards, assignment of roles & responsibilities at the corporate level and analyzing the applicable HSE legislations of your business.

This assessment leads towards developing a road map by our Consultants highlighting the areas of improvement and an outline of reforms which the organization needs to undertake for meeting HSE international standards.

Such an assessment helps the organization to have a clear picture about where they currently stand and what exactly they need to do for having a better governance system in place.


OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 Certification Consultancy

Business Beam offers OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 Certification Consultancy starting from project planning, scoping, identification of roles and responsibilities, development of required policies and procedures, training of the management as well as the staff and preparation for the certification audit. Our team of highly qualified Consultants develops the system and delivers the project in a way that you get through your certification audit successfully and your teams are able to maintain the system effectively as well after you are certified.


Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment

Our team of Consultants can perform a thorough risk assessment for your organization to identify, assess and eliminate all the hazards which may be existing within your organizations. During this activity, all possible hazards and their potential impact for the organization are identified which is followed by developing a control program for eliminating or reducing them. This analysis is more focused approach which is directed towards developing a control program so that the hazards re not only identified but certain actions are also taken to control them.

The results of the risk assessment are shared with the senior management and serve as the baseline for all future decision making related to establish a safe & secure work environment for the staff.
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